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Add colors, movement, and creativity to buildings, landscapes, and monuments with our range of architectural LED lighting fixtures for permanent outdoor installations. Our products and control solutions bring together architectural and entertainment show lighting. Whether you are illuminating walls, columns or linear structures, or mapping textures, animation, and media on building facades, we have the right product for you. Outdoor, heavy-duty lighting fixtures and LED pixels for all applications.  

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Projects & Services

In addition to product supply, we offer project support services. We integrate outdoor architectural lighting with cutting-edge control solutions. We are technical specialists who can turn concepts into reality.


Design Team 500x300 new 1

We design audiovisual, lighting and rigging technical solutions from concept to execution-ready stages.


Install team HR500x300

We install and commission projects with a hands-on approach focusing on reliability and successful hand-over.


Annual Maintenance Contract 500x300 1

We extend site maintenance and support and offer Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) services.

Service Center

after sales services HR 500x300 1

Our in-house Service Center in Dubai extends manufacturers’ warranty and supports our site maintenance services.

Madrix Lighting Control

MADRIX is the leading control solution for architectural LED lighting when dynamic movement, coloring, and media are required. MADRIX drives a large number of LEDs individually in order to map media and lighting effects on buildings and monuments.  

After-sales Services

Our in-house service center in Dubai is at your service. We extend manufacturers’ product warranty and beyond

Product Availability and Delivery

We maintain inventory in the UAE and handle the delivery logistics on your behalf

Competitive Pricing

We price competitively and transparently in line with manufacturers’ pricing. No price escalation

End-to-End Project Support

We offer integrated project support services including design, install and site maintenance

Training & Knowledge

We value expertise and knowledge sharing. For that, we established a permanent training center in Dubai

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